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Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil stepping down | CBC News

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced Thursday he is stepping down but will stay on until a new Liberal Party leader is chosen.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
Interim Toronto police chief to address assault of young Black man by off-duty officer | CBC News

In his first news conference as interim chief of Toronto police, James Ramer is expected to address the case of Dafonte Miller, a young Black man severely beaten by an off-duty officer in 2016, a source confirmed to CBC News.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
Beirut blast a 'knockout punch' after succession of crippling blows to Lebanon | CBC News

Tuesday's blast in Beirut came as Lebanon was barely limping through an economic and political crisis, writes Nahlah Ayed.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
Canada outlines aid for Lebanon in wake of devastating Beirut blast | CBC News

International Development Minister Karina Gould will provide an update today on aid for Lebanon in the wake of Tuesday's devastating explosion in Beirut, and outline efforts to help Canadians who are in the region.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
A century after the Halifax Explosion, Beirut tragedy hits close to home | CBC News

More than 100 years ago, the city of Halifax went through the worst human-caused explosion of its time. Now, some are asking Nova Scotians to support Beirut through its own tragedy.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
The aftermath of the Beirut explosion

The explosion near Beirut’s port on Tuesday killed 135 people and injured thousands more, according to the Lebanese health ministry. Officials say 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was the cause. According to public records, the chemicals were held at the port …

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
French President Macron arrives in Beirut to express support following massive explosion | CBC News

French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Beirut to express support for Lebanon in the wake of a massive explosion that tore through the capital earlier this week.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
What is ammonium nitrate, and how did it cause such a devastating explosion in Beirut? | CBC News

The chemical compound ammonium nitrate is believed to have been the cause of the devastating explosion in Beirut on Tuesday. But how can such a chemical cause such a massive and destructive blast?

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
Canadian citizen sentenced to death in China on drug charge | CBC News

China has sentenced a Canadian citizen to death on charges of manufacturing the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between the two countries.

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
Living with face masks: How to stow them, reuse disposables and more | CBC News

Now that many of us will be wearing masks regularly for the foreseeable future, how can we make it work? Can you reuse disposable masks? Can you keep masks on your chin or dangling on your rearview mirror when not in use? How many does your child need for sch…

CBC News | 06 Aug, 2020
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