Vector Issue #6085: A plumber repairing broken water pipes,


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Plumber, Plumbing, plumb bob, plumbery, pipe fitter, fix, fixer, fixing, repairman, airlock, ballock, cesspit, cistern, conduit, conduit pipes, culvert, downpipe, downspout, drain, drainage, drainage pipe, drainpipe, faucet, flush, gurgler, hydrant, leak, leakage, limescale, main, mixer tap, outlet, overflow, pipe, plumb, plunger, sewage, sewage works, sewer, siphon, spigot, standpipe, stopcock, tube, tubing, U-bend, washer, water butt, water main, waterworks, cesspool, downspout, downpipe, overflow pipe, overflow, faucet, drains, mains, open sewer, septic tank, repairman, maintenance man, service man, fixer, mender, repairer, fitting out, fixing, outfitting, leak, leaking, leaking water pipes, leakage, damaged pipes, gush, gushing, leaky, trickle, trickling,

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