Vector Issue #6369: Thrown into the air, Coworkers throw one of their own into the air as a form of celebration


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celebrate, celebrated, celebration, celebrity, honored, cheer up, rejoice, rejoicing, amuse, exuberate, exuberation, exubarant, exonerate, exoneration, reverberation, exult, exultation, jubilate, jubilation, lighten up, rejoice, rejoicing, triumph, triumphant, quantum leap, achievement, accomplishment, champion, victor, victorious, win, winners, leader, winning formula, beloved, bethroned, admired, megastar, superstar, hero, idol, heroine, star, title holder, well wishers, record breaker, idolise, idolize, hero-worship, revere, worship, celebrity worship, adore, hero-worshipper, conqueror, cheering, rock star, party day, party night,

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