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Blue Jackets eliminate Maple Leafs with Game 5 shutout victory | CBC Sports

Joonas Korpisalo made 33 saves as the Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-0 on Sunday to win their best-of-five qualifying round series 3-2.

CBC News | 10 Aug, 2020
Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under controversial national security law | CBC News

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been arrested over suspected collusion with foreign forces under the new national security law, his top aide said on Twitter, in what is the highest-profile arrest yet under the legislation.

CBC News | 10 Aug, 2020
The National for August 9th

The National for August 9: A Manitoba town grieves after two teenagers are killed by a tornado. Plus, the fury following that deadly explosion in Beirut.

CBC News | 10 Aug, 2020
Conservatives demand probes into administration of commercial rent relief program | CBC News

The federal Conservatives are calling for an investigation into the Liberal government’s commercial rent relief program to find out why it could not be delivered by the public service — and how it came to be contracted out to a company with ties to a top PMO …

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
Manitoba town mourns deaths of teens in Virden tornado | CBC News

The small Manitoba town of Melita is in deep mourning after two teens were killed in a nearby tornado Friday night. Shayna Barnesky and Carter Tilbury, both 18, died after their pickup truck was swept up by the twister.

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
Donors pledge $398.7M in aid after Beirut blast but Lebanon corruption concerns persist | CBC News

The rebuilding needs of Lebanon are immense, but so is the question of how to ensure the hundreds of millions of dollars promised in international aid are not diverted in a country notorious for missing money, invisible infrastructure projects and its refusal…

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
Australia's Victoria state reports its deadliest day of COVID-19 outbreak | CBC News

Australia's second-most populous state, Victoria, reported its deadliest day of the COVID-19 outbreak on Sunday, with 17 people dying, as police thwarted a planned anti-mask rally in the capital of Melbourne.

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
Just 257 pardons granted for pot possession in program's 1st year | CBC News

It's been one year since the government launched a program to give Canadians saddled with a criminal record for pot a fast, free record suspension, but just 257 people have been granted a pardon so far. Critics say the low uptake proves the program is a failu…

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
Annual Perseid meteor shower peaks this week: How you can catch some 'shooting stars' | CBC News

Looking for a fun, physical-distancing activity in the coming days? The best meteor shower of the year is upon us.

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
The shady history of a phone number used to set up a sham protest

A CBC News investigation started with the phone number used to organize the phoney rally for Huawei's Meng Wanzhou earlier this year in Vancouver. Turns out, those 10 digits have quite a story to tell

CBC News | 09 Aug, 2020
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