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Dwarf planet Ceres is an 'ocean world,' NASA finds | CBC News

Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is an "ocean world" with a big reservoir of salty water under its frigid surface, scientists said in findings that raise interest in this dwarf planet as a possible outpost for life.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Belarusian opposition leader flees to Lithuania after contesting Lukashenko's re-election | CBC News

Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanouskaya says she fled to Lithuania for the sake of her children, after two nights of clashes following the contested re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Toronto dentist charged with sexually assaulting patients, sexual interference with minors still practising  | CBC News

More than six weeks after being charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and sexual interference involving minors, with patients alleged to be among the victims, a Toronto dentist continues to practise.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Tuesday | CBC News

Russia on Tuesday became the first country to officially register a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism from the scientific community. President Vladimir Putin said one of his daughters has already been inoculate…

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Ontario mining company 1st to try new mobile test that diagnoses COVID-19 in as little as an hour | CBC News

New Gold Inc. is turning to a new test that can diagnose COVID-19 cases in as little as one hour outside a lab setting in the hope of keeping its gold and silver mine in northern Ontario free of the disease.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Parents concerned about coronavirus seek alternatives to classroom learning | CBC News

Parents concerned about COVID-19 are looking for alternatives to classroom learning. Some families have the resources to help their children adapt, but there are concerns about the students who will fall through the cracks and growing calls for the federal go…

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Serving military member sues DND over mould exposure on warship | CBC News

A serving member of the air force, who will be released on medical grounds, has sued the defence department for negligence over mould on navy ships, which he claims is at the root of his health problems.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
No one's talking about winter yet. When it comes to COVID-19, here's why we should | CBC News

It's still summer in Canada, with temperatures well above zero in most of the country. So it's no surprise people aren't talking about winter. But with temperatures set to drop in the months ahead, pushing more people indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic, ex…

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Can you fire a Governor General? | CBC News

The controversy over Julie Payette's role as Governor General has raised questions about her fate in that position. But what is the process for a governor general to vacate that role? Are there precedents? And what role could Buckingham Palace or the Queen pl…

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
Doctor attacked, killed in exam room at Alberta walk-in clinic | CBC News

A Red Deer physician died Monday after he was attacked in an examination room at the Village Mall walk-in clinic.

CBC News | 11 Aug, 2020
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